Sunday, March 31, 2013

Wind, water, waves... and yoga.

During my stay at Kalani as the Artist-In-Residence, one of the things they assigned me with was making images of people doing yoga.  Kalani is renowned for their yoga, both for their many excellent instructors and for the wide variety of yoga styles that they teach.  As such, they wanted dynamic image of people practicing the craft.

While scouting, I found an area on the coast where the waves regularly slammed hard into the rocks, shooting high into the air.  The power of it was astounding!  Thinking that it would be a perfect spot to bond with nature and practice yoga, I set about creating an image of someone practicing yoga with the thundering waves as a backdrop.  After many days conceptualizing and then shooting, I came away with some images I love.

Below are a couple images from the yoga shoots.  The first one was shot in the afternoon, and the next one was shot at sunrise the very next morning.  As you can see, the wind completely died during the night allowing for a perfectly still tidepool complete with reflections.  The end result are two images with similar concepts, but very different outcomes.  I want to give a shout out to my friend Lynn for posing for these shots for me.  She was very patient and resilient -- standing still for hours while being pummeled by high winds and waves is not easy.

I will have more images from the trip posted soon.  Until then, take care!



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