Monday, December 31, 2012

Some sick photos from a sick photographer.

adj. sick-er, sick-est

     1.  In poor health.
               He was sick all day with the flu.

     2.  Mentally unstable, disturbed.
     3.  In bad taste.
               That's a sick joke.

     4.  Having an urge to vomit.
     5.  (slang)  Very good, excellent, awesome.
               This photograph is sick!

Happy New Year from the Caribbean!

I sure as hell hope that 2013 goes a lot better for me than 2012 is ending. I've recently come down with Dengue Fever, a mosquito-borne illness that's sort of like the flu on steroids.  I'm not a doctor, but my personal opinion of this tropical malady is this:  IT SUCKS ASS. On top of the physical symptoms, the psychological horror of being cooped up while it's beautiful outside is a veritable hell.  Ugh.

Venting aside, I do actually have some new photographic sweetness to demonstrate. Last month, I entered the prestigious Ocean Views Photo Contest. It's an annual contest focusing on all things ocean related, from wildlife, to weather, to recreation. I entered almost 50 images, many of which you've seen here before. There were, however, some images from the Caribbean I entered that have never seen the "light of day" here, so I thought I'd share them with you. None of them have titles, but I wrote a small description below each.

That does it for this entry and for 2012 as a whole.  As always, thanks for your continued readership.  Wish me luck in the contest.  And Happy New Year!

Bachelor party hijinks.

The sun rises in the wee hours of an all-night beach party.

A man floats lazily in a rain shower.

One of many boats in the annual Christmas Boat Parade.

People relax on a yacht at Buck Island National Monument.

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