Monday, January 31, 2011

Filling The Void


That newly coined word (I'll expect royalties if you use it) is the best way to describe the past two months. For the first time in the decade since I first started visiting and living on St. Croix, I've begun to make a concerted effort at becoming established as THE landscape photographer on the island. I've often felt that good landscape photography is somewhat of an unfilled niche here, and I'm endeavoring to be the one that fills it.

Thus far, it's gone very well.

For starters, some of my work has been accepted into the fabulous D&D Studio, which is the only fine art photography gallery on the island, and believe it or not, the entire Caribbean. Next, the resturaunt Bacchus, one of the finest resturaunts onisland, will be displaying some of my work in their dining room. In addition, some of my work has been selected for a prestigious live auction in March. The auction director feels certain my work will perform very well with her high-end clients. (Here's to hoping she's right!) Lastly, and best off all, I have an upcoming solo show on February 26th at the new MacheteMachete gallery in downtown Christiansted. At the show, I will be unveiling all new images from around the island.

Below is a sneak peak of what will be found at the show. You'll have to wait until February 26th to see the rest, so I hope you can make it. If not, I will have all the images posted to my site within a couple days after the show. Until next time, take care! (And keep warm if you're currently in the Great White North.) ^_^

Mahogany Waterfall

Shining Sugarmill

Cane Bay Explosion

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