Monday, December 13, 2010

Out Of This World!

As promised, here are some more images from my recent trip to the southwestern US, this time without the silly cowboy accent (you can exhale now).

These images are from a place called White Pocket. A very ordinary name for a very extraordinary place. My first thought upon arriving was, "What in the HELL?!" Primitive, I know, but honestly, in all my travels I'd never seen anything like it. Not even under my couch.

At first, it was hard not to believe that these formations were the calling card of aliens and UFO's. Turns out these "brain rocks" as they're called are nothing more than petrified sand dunes, which almost came as a let down.

Nevertheless, as photography subjects, they were without equal. I spent hours exploring the area. Then, way in a far flung corner, I found this spot where these little round pebbles had been driven into the cracks in the brain rock by the wind. I sat for hours alone in this spot waiting for the sun to drop. It was the most peaceful time I had on the entire trip.

That's all for now. I'll have more images from the trip soon. Until then, take care!

Alien World (Large version HERE.)

Dragon Scales

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Dude - those are really awesome.