Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Huzzah! I feel great! Why? Because I just got my camera replaced. (Yep, I wrecked another one. Again. I am now quite certain that the ocean has a personal vendetta against my electronics.)

I've got about a month left here in the Virgin Islands, and now that I'm back in action, I will be churning out quite a few landscape images before I leave. In fact, I've already begun scouting locations, and should have the first images posted soon.

It just feels so GOOD to be out shooting again. Which is why I say: Huzzah!!

And, speaking of "Huzzah", I have a special image to show you. It's from the closing ceremony of the Minnesota Renaissance Festival. It's not easy to get a spot up front to photograph this, but I have my ways. Hope you enjoy it. The larger version can be found here.

As always, take care, and I'll be back soon with landscapes from the Caribbean.

P.S. I'd like to give a BIG thanks to fellow photographer Kelly Greer. She helped me in a big way when my camera was on the fritz. Thanks, Kelly!!


Kaelly said...

Thats my line and i stole it fair and square from renfest!!:) Nice pic babes

Anonymous said...