Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Oregon Odyssey #4: A Difference Of Opinions

As I've said before, my friend and companion on this odyssey, Marc Adamus, is currently one of the best landscape photographers in the country, if not the world. As such, I give my utmost attention to everything he has to say about photography. He is a treasure trove of knowledge and a great teacher.

So, it is exceedingly rare that I disagree with his advice. Yet, the photo I'm about to show you is one such case. (Hey, at least that proves I can think for myself at least once in a blue moon, right?)

This is a very little known waterfall in the Colombia River Gorge in northern Oregon. Now, there are plenty of rarely visited waterfalls in the Gorge, but what makes this one special is its close proximity to an urban area. We were literally able to drive our vehicles right to the foot of this beauty, close enough that the spray from the falls obscured our windshields. And we had the whole place to ourselves. Pretty unusual, I'd say.

Soon after we arrived, we busied ourselves with photographing the falls. When we finished, I asked if we could walk downstream a ways and explore. Marc was happy to oblige. When we came upon this spot in the photo, I immediately said to Marc that I thought there was a strong photograph there. To my surprise, he disagreed. He said that he'd looked at a similar shot many times in the past, but it never measured up for him. He just didn't like it. I for one certainly did like it and proceeded to shoot it with gusto. The results are below. Please be sure to view the LARGE VERSION, it does it much more justice.

I dunno. I have supreme respect for Marc's abilities, but even he is human. Perhaps this marks the first time that I saw something he didn't? Tough to say, I'll let you be the judge. But I think you know how I feel. Me likey. ^_^

Well, that's the last of the photos I have to show from my Oregon Odyssey. I hope you've enjoyed it as much as I did showing it to you.

Next time, I'll have some new stuff to show you from a completely different photo session. Till then, take care.

"Near The Source"


Rainer Mirau said...

Great reading, thanks for sharing.
But where is this waterfall, I'll travel to the gorge next year and will be happy to know some easy to reach waterfalls.
Best wishes

Kory said...

Honestly, I can't remember exactly where it is. Marc led me to it. Sorry I couldn't be of more help. And thanks for the compliment.