Saturday, April 26, 2008

Happy 420!

Well, after returning to Minnesota, I quickly realized that winter had not left. We had two big snowstorms within two weeks of my return. So, what did I do? Went back to St. Croix, of course.

While I was there, a friend threw a party on the beach. It was, to say the least, fun.

Below is a photo which embodies the very essence of the party. To get this effect, I composed the shot, set the exposure to 1.6 seconds, tripped the shutter, and then moved the camera to the left while the exposure was being taken. The result is the tripped-out, blurred effect that you see. I learned about this nifty technique from world famous nature photographer Jim Brandenburg; he used it on this image. Although I use it very sparingly, when used properly, it can really strengthen an image. I feel that it has done just that here.

I was careful to compose the shot so that it showed a little bit of everything at the scene: there is a little bit of ocean, some moonlight peeking around the foliage at the top, and of course, the party-goers illuminated by firelight. If you look closely, just to the left of the girl's head, you can see some of the moonlight reflecting on the water peeking through the bushes. As usual, the larger version can be seen here.

And, in case you're jealous, don't be. I'm back in Minnesota now. And it's snowing today.

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