Thursday, March 27, 2008

Look Out Below!

I think the Caribbean sun has gotten to my brain. Or, maybe it's the rum. At any rate, something must've addled my already meager senses. How else can I explain such a long delay in getting this blog entry posted? Once again, I apologize for such a long period of silence. Getting my sailboat up to speed has taken a good deal more time than I figured, and has eaten up much of the time I had allocated for photography. Whoever said that boats are money pits wasn't kidding. Every time I turn around, there's something to attend to. I've learned a new saying, one that's pure genius in its simple truth: BOAT = Break Out Another Thousand. Haha. Excuse me while I go cry now.

But all has not been bad. I do have at least a little something to show for my toils.

On one of the occasions that my boat was actually up and running, I was able to capture my favorite photograph since I've arrived here. During our sail someone mentioned that climbing up the mast and jumping into the water is quite fun. Never being one to pass up a chance for fun, I scrambled up the mast and had an exhilarating leap into the water from some 35 feet above. Not to be outdone, a friend followed suit immediately after me. However, his jump differed from mine in that he ended his with a most impressive face-plant into the water. It hurt just watching it.

Below is a photo of that man's jump. Note the crazed look on his face. If you look closely, you'll also see folks on the beach watching intently. How often do you get to watch someone try to tear their own head off? Filling out the composition are some terrific clouds and the moon right next to the guy. Maybe he was trying to jump over it?

I will be back in Minnesota soon. Take care.

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