Friday, August 31, 2012

An Engaging Experience

As promised in last month's photoblog post, here are the images from the photo shoot in the tall grass prairie.  I don't often do this type of work, but, when good friends honor you by asking you to shoot their engagement photos for them, you don't say no.

The prairie, of course, cooperated perfectly and really lent a sense of beauty and atmosphere to the images.  We had a blast the whole time despite the hordes of mosquitoes.  A colorful sunset sealed the deal.

To mix it up, we also did some shooting on the Stone Arch Bridge in downtown Minneapolis.  My friends are city kids, after all.

To Gen and Jake:  thanks for being great subjects and even better friends.  I look forward to shooting your 50th Anniversary photos in 2062.  Until then! ^_^


Genevieve Bembenek said...

So many good pictures Kory! I highly recommend you to all! Thank you!!!

Kory said...

Thanks for the kind words. It was my pleasure. ^_^