Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Moth With No Name

I'm stumped.  (Yes, big surprise, I know.)

For the first time ever, I can not identify a butterfly.  Over the years, I've shot many, many butterflies, and I've always been able to successfully identify each and every one.

Not this time.

This cute lil' bugger has completely eluded me.  From my extensive research, I've concluded that he is a moth, not a butterfly, but that's about as far as I've been able to get, and even that's not for certain.  I've exhausted every lead I have.  Therefore, from this day forth, he shall be known as The Moth With No Name (cue epic music).

That does it for this month.  Next time, I should have some new summertime images for you.  And none of them will contain unnamed species.  Until then, take care. ^_^

The Moth With No Name
(Click HERE for large version.)


Anonymous said...

I have been a loyal reader for sometime now, this will likely be my very first comment. I thought it was eventually time. Thanks

Genevieve Bembenek said...

Good stuff Kory! :)