Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Twilight Delight

As promised, here is some wildflower action straight from the mountains of Colorado. That's right: I'm getting right to the point this time. (Hey! Don't act so relieved.)

On day two, our campsite was in an idyllic field of wildflowers. Literally right in the middle of it! One had to be careful not to step on a flower. Just after dusk, a curious fox emerged to inspect the situation, and with him came good luck.

Later that evening, I made this image. It was a perfectly still night, very silent and beautiful. Here's to you, Mr. Fox. ^_^

Be sure to check out the LARGE VERSION of this one -- it really does it a lot more justice.

As always, thanks for reading and, until next time, take care. And don't forget to stargaze at least once before summer's over!

"Twilight Delight"

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