Sunday, October 31, 2010

Good things come... those who wait. Or so the old saying goes. And since I've kept you waiting for two months, I figured I'd give you something good: a bunch of new images.

These are all miscellaneous images from the past year. I needed to get them done, displayed and cleared out of my workload before I leave in less than two weeks. (And I did... on time! *gasp* Wonders never cease.)

Once again, I will be rendezvousing with friend and renowned landscape photographer Marc Adamus, this time in the southwestern US. When I return in late November, I will have a whole mess of new images to show you, many from places few have ever seen.

Until then, take care. And Happy Halloween! ^_^

Passing Alpine Thunderstorm

Mating Monarchs

Sunset at Hamm's Bluff

Dense Forest at Sunset

Rutting Bull Elk

Elk Silhouette

Little Tree On the Prairie

Sprague Lake Sunrise

Wild Comma Flutterby

Picture Perfect Picnic Spot

Sunbathing Marmot

Summer at Independence Pass

Tumultuous Tidepools

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