Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Nearly nerve-racking nuptials.

(I know what you're thinking: "Wow! Kory actually updated this photoblog TWO days in a row?!". Yep, it's true. If you look out your window, you'll probably see pigs soaring through the air.)

As I said in my last blog entry, I recently shot my first wedding. It was, to say the least, quite an experience.

If I learned one thing about shooting weddings, it's this: it ain't easy. While overall I don't think it's as demanding as landscape photography, it definitely has its own set of challenges. It's much more fast-paced and stressful, because A) these are some of the most important photos people will ever have taken, and B) you only have one chance to get it right. Try telling Mr. and Mrs. Newlywed that you screwed up the shots from their wedding kiss and see how many milliseconds it takes them to pummel you.

And, that's the biggest challenge of all: the people. It's the people you are working for that can really make or break you. Every family is different. Some are easy going and some are... not. Ever seen that TV show Bridezillas? Think about actually trying to work with someone like that, and worse, trying to satisfy them. Ahaha... hoo-boy. I'd rather take an acid bath.

Luckily for me, I got to deal with some of the nicest and warmest people ever: my friends Darren and Erin.

We've been good friends for years, so when they asked me to photograph their wedding, I was happy to do it. Sure, the pressure to "get it right" was still there, but just knowing that my employers were people with hearts of gold made it manageable. And, in the end, I feel that I did a pretty good job. Yes, there were some snafus, but overall I'm quite happy with the results. I think they will be, too.

Before I go, I have one piece of sage advice: "It's not easy to both be a guest at a wedding AND photograph it at the same time. Tread with care all who consider doing so."

And now without further ado, here's that teaser shot I promised last time. It's of the stunningly beautiful bride, Erin, and her four brothers. It's one of my personal favorites from the day. Enjoy, and I'll be back with the rest as soon as I can, probably in a couple weeks.

Bride and Brothers


Anonymous said...

Hey Kory... it's Joe Hazi from STX. I saw Darren and Erin at Norma's when they were here prior to heading on the St. Maarten for their honeymoon. It was GREAT to see them again!

Now... get those wedding pics up!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kory, this is Joanie Erin's mom. We are very sure the pictures you took are going to be great. No one would know this was your first wedding! As always Darren and Erin's friends from St. Croix are great we love you all...

Kory said...

Ahaha, thanks Joanie. :)

Both you and Joe above you will be happy to know that the wedding photos are almost finished and should be live on my site with in a couple of days. I'll be sure and let everyone know the second they're ready.

Clark Day Alex's Dad said...

It is tough to photograph a friend's wedding PARTICULARLY if your sig other or spouse is also a guest.

Kory said...

Hehe, that's precisely how my situation was, Clark.