Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I'm back. And with all my limbs!

Whew! I got back from the Boundary Waters a couple days ago and have a new found appreciation for things like refrigerators and roofs. The first two days were harsh: high winds, low temps and heavy rains make things, shall we say, a trifle difficult when camping and traveling by canoe deep in the back country. Throw in my less-than-perfect canoeing acumen and a malfunctioning cook-stove and you have a recipe for... issues.

Fortunately, the weather turned around quite nicely at the end, and I was able to get some very nice photos -- I'm really happy with the way they turned out! I'm currently editing them and should have them posted by the end of the week. (Yeah, I know you're heard that before, but this time I mean it!)

For now, I want to take a quick moment to show you a couple of shots that I took the week prior to my Boundary Waters trip. I was camping on Gull Lake in northern Minnesota and captured these two images while spinning around the lake on a friend's boat. The second one needs a bit of clarification. The shoes were left there by a friend, who walked out along a long, shallow underwater point. If you follow the water into the shot, you will see him standing in the background. (He's even easier to see in the large version.) As always, larger views of both shots are available here in my Fine Art Galleries.

Thanks for looking. I'll have the Boundary Waters photos up soon.

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